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Asgart laboratories, the global memory industry's god domain, is a high-end product development lab jointly established with Sweden's Asgard Labs. Focused on cutting-edge research and development of storage technology, hope to provide PC gamers surprise performance and international quality storage products, at the same time, he also tailor ideas for numerous world famous brands of storage solutions. Therefore, the asgart lab not only produces products with high performance international quality, but also international institutions with global quality and high standards

Produces products, laboratory, with cutting-edge technology in manufacturing research and development of Taiwan, in science and technology culture deep Swedish capital Stockholm for industrial design, and finally in the global electronics manufacturing developed to manufacture in shenzhen. So the internal product selection of electronic components, industrial design or product appearance, pursue zero error rate of production or manufacturing, all embody the laboratory procession of aspen plus the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of performance, the pursuit of innovative ideas. The existence of the asgat lab is like the diamond in the crown of the semiconductor industry and the global memory manufacturer..


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