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If your storage device is not working properly and needs data recovery or other related high level services, please contact LC Tech. LC Tech has been in data recovery area for more than 20 years and it is a global leader in data recovery, recovering all types of hard drives, Raids, flash memory, SD and micro SD cards and systems. Asgard and LC Tech provide you with a safe and reliable choice of data recovery.

If you can fill out the form, agents from LC Tech would contact you at their soonest with free advice. (Please note, except the free trial software as mentioned above, all the additional services provided by LC Tech may cause additional fee.)

Please contact LC Tech here:  and provide the details of the device and history of the data loss. The agents from LC Tech will contact you soon.


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  • 请提供您的数据丢失的详细情况和您的设备类型等情况,LC技术代表将尽快与您联系。
    Technology representative will be in touch with you ASAP.

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