Service introduction

Service Introduction

To provide better service to customers, for the users of the Asgard devices (including SSD drive, USB stick drive, SD card), Asgard provides data recovery and SSD services with LC Tech.

If your Asgard devices is working and you need to recover its data, we can assist you with data recovery and SSD services. Users can download a free trial of FILERECOVERY to recover the data of SSD drive and USB drive. You can also download PHOTORECOVERY to recover the photos in USB drives or SD cards. Also, the users can free download a free trial of the very useful tool Solid State Doctor to manage their SSD drive.

A. SSD&U disk data recovery

FILERECOVERY is a foreign storage device data recovery software that has been rated as the most popular data recovery software for two consecutive years.

FILERECOVERY is a safe, affordable DIY data recovery solution, designed to recover lost or deleted files, regardless of whether from the command line, the application, file system, or deleted in the recycling bin. It can attempt to recover from devices such as a hard disk drive, diskette, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, the Memory Stick and other types of removable media. FILERECOVERY takes a scanning disk and lists the list of files that can be recovered from the scanned disk. FILERECOVERY is a non-destructive read-only application that does not write to the disk that it is to recover the data from.

B.U disk &SD card image restoration

PHOTORECOVERY software is designed to recover images, movies and sound files from all types of digital media including Memory Stick™s, SmartMedia, CompactFlash I & II, SD/XD cards, MMC, USB flash drives and most other forms of digital media. Simply attach the media to your computer (a card reader is recommended for cards) and run PHOTORECOVERY. You can then preview what it can recover. With the full version the pictures are automatically saved off to another location.


C.SSD management optimization

This Solid-State Drive Utility Suite is a proactive support tool, giving you the ability to make informed decisions regarding your data – whether to back it up, erase it securely or optimize the drive using the TRIM* command. This suite is designed to enable maximum performance and lifespan of your Solid-State Drive on Microsoft® Operating Systems. The SSD Utility Suite gives you access to some of the unique features built into today’s Solid-State Drives.


Try the free trial. There is a friendly and useful help file within the software in Mandarin and other languages explaining the features of the program




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