In order to maintain our common home and protect the earth on which we live, advocate green low-carbon life and support environmental protection.GLOWAY's decision to respond to the world environmental organization's call for green access in China's channel market.Start from the small things around, from GLOWAY, let us work together to build a better future!All customers who become the guangwei green channel enjoy the service and treatment of VIP.

What is GLOWAY's green channel customer?

Gloway green channel customers, refers to the specified by gloway company authorized sales gloway products at the core of the dealer, become gloway product authorized service center, its sales ahead of ordinary dealers loyal customers, has a direct dialogue with gloway company representatives, attending gloway special events for the green channel customers special rights, such as the qualifications to enjoy gloway various preferential policies provided by the company.

Ii. Exclusive functions of GLOWAY green channel:

1. Designated as a special partner of green environmental protection activities (photowire-based materials for compensated repurchase certification);

2. Provide services to customers of green channel;

3. Understand the direction, characteristics and activities of the products in the first time;

4. The first time to receive the light - way gifts, publicity materials and activity notices;

5. Immediately dialogue with the manufacturer directly, the green channel accepts and supports all complaints, opinions and Suggestions;

6. Enjoy the green channel customer authorization card in the first time and update it two years;

7. Enjoy the 2-3 company privilege activities held by guanwei every quarter;

8. I can enjoy the core support of media advertising, gift promotion, and the meeting of agents.

9. The sales volume is in the front green channel customer, can enjoy the 8000-10000 yuan guangwei unified store decoration once.

Iii. The requirements of authorized users of GLOWAY green channel:

1. Must be the core agent and distributor of guangwei;

2. Be able to fully implement the activities of guangwei and satisfy our customer satisfaction;

3. We must pass the double authentication of the true recognition of guangwei and the green channel identification;

4. Approve and issue authorization letter to the company through the strict audit of guangwei.

4. Application process of GLOWAY green channel:

1. Fill in the application for the green channel of guangwei;

2. The following certificates shall be provided for the participating activities of provincial and municipal agents:

Photocopies of valid documents such as agent's personal id card or driver's license (seal of official seal), copy of the company's business license (seal of official seal);

3. Provincial and municipal agents shall apply for green channel certification through the general generation.

4. After completing completion of the above three materials, the company shall report to the company after the approval of the general agent, and wait for the approval of guanwei certification (1 to 2 weeks);

5. Issue authorization CARDS and certification green channel identification to become customers of green channels.

5. This green channel activity description:

In order to reach the goal of fully promote the green environmental protection, at least make used of the company products consumers feel to save on the side, this activity should be around the agents respond to cooperate, will now be released details are as follows:

1. All products participating in the event, the packaging box will have the certification label of the green channel authorized dealer, and the products without the green channel label will not be able to participate in the exchange activities;

2. The outer packing box for the green channel activity must be clean and intact, and a set of packing boxes shall be converted to RMB 1 yuan.

3. Ask consumers to participate in the activities;

4. Consumers can exchange cash at any time.

5. Please refer to schedule 1 for the authorized dealer exchange.

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